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10 Examples of Material Nouns with a definition & Rules 

10 examples of material noun

10 Examples of Material Nouns

10 examples of material nouns with a definition & Rules 


A material noun is a noun we can say that is the name of the substances and materials that two or more things are create from one substance is learn as a material noun. Here are a few examples: ‘The mountain is make of rock.’, ‘The glass is make of silicate’ and ‘The chair is make of wood.’. In all these cases ‘rock’, ‘silicate’ and ‘wood’ are the material nouns.

A material noun has to do with the things around us. Physical things are things that can be touch, they are real. An immaterial noun has to do with things we can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. An immaterial noun is something that is not real.
Retrospectively, the term tangible is use to describe the material noun. It is the opposite of intangible, which is the material noun that applies to things that are not real. A material noun is an object, whereas a non-material noun is an activity, an idea or a state.

Explanation of the Material Noun

The name of a substance is the name take to a substance, substance or mixture of substances. It refers to a type of substance, not to individual particles of a substance. Numerous physical nouns mean we can’t count them because they are liquid, semi-liquid or solid. It refers to a substance because the names of this category are almost identical with materials such as cloth, air, metal, gold, salt, iron, silver, steel, copper, bronze, copper, aluminium, lead, coal, coral, precious stones. , Diamond, glass, fibre, calcium, plastic, rubber, paper, cement, paint, plywood, synthetics, shampoo, soap, perfume, alcohol, tar, chemicals, rexine, etc. Sometimes we can’t combine physical names.

For example, some physical nouns are use as countable nouns. “Wine” where you can talk about different wines, not the type of wine, the essence of the wine. So here we can say that wine is not a physical name, it is a type of wine that can be count. We can say that physical nouns are common nouns because they refer to content rather than people or places.


  • Cotton, gold, milk, silver, diamonds,  Calcium, Plastic, iron, marbles, milk, fibre, brass, bricks, honey etc ( 10 examples of Material nouns )

1: He drinks a bottle of milk every night.

2: My sister is purchased gold for my wife.

3: She drinks milk in the honey.

4: These toys car is made from plastic.

5: These clothes are 100% made from cotton.

6: All houses in the world are made with the help of bricks.

7: Some of the industries are use fibre in their work.

8: Calcium is a useful mineral for fitness.

9: Butter is a good thing for our health.

10: Copper is a suitable conductor for our wring of the house.

Rules of using the Material Noun (10 examples of Material nouns)

These are the rules you must remember to use a material name in a sentence.

Rule No: 01

Commonly, ( a / an / the ) articles are not use with the material names when these are uncountable nouns.

  • Honey is a useful and healthy food.
  • Water only boils at 100 C.

Rule No: 02

( a / an / the ) articles will be use with a material name when they are countable nouns (To show content types or to show support nature).

  • I like to eat dutch cheese.
  • This is a very useful wine.

Rule No: 03

Use of ” some ” and ” the ” can also be use in the following ways.

  • The honey in the bottle is mine. Don’t give to others!
  • I saw some milk in the cup.

Use of Material Noun in the sentence

Material nouns are larger when they appear in lower case at the beginning of a sentence, otherwise when they appear anywhere in the sentence. Examples of physical nouns are:

  • she ate eggs.
  • I wear clothes that are made of cotton.
  • They get silk from silkworms.
  • We should need to drink clean water.
  • Mom wants to wear a diamonds ring.

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