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abstract noun worksheets definition & examples


abstract noun worksheets definition & examples
abstract noun worksheets

What is Abstract Noun?

An “Abstract nouns” are words that indicate an idea, feeling, quality, or state, rather than a specific thing or being. Some abstract nouns are formed from other nouns. These are known as noun abstracts, which are words formed by adding –ness, -ity, -ion, -ty, or -ancy to a root noun. For example, happiness, subsidy, perfection, quality, hostility, and capacity are all noun abstracts.”

Here are some abstract nouns:

1: Abundance

2: Adversity

3: Alleviation

An abstract noun is the name of feeling or quality and we can’t touch, see, and hear is called an “Abstract noun”. An abstract noun is a special kind of noun that names concepts. Abstract nouns are used less by people (you rarely hear someone say: I fought the concept of time today)—but they are used very often by writers: nouns like friendship and greed and love.


Abstract nouns are those indicating ideas, concepts, emotions, and other “something” you can’t physically socialize with. You can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear something is called an abstract noun.


  • ( Truth, Love, Death, Honesty, Hate, Think, Lie, wisdom, kindness )

Examples: In Sentences:

  • He is an honest man.  
  • She is poor
  • They are talking lies.
  • I am thinking about you.
  • Success looks to come easily to individual people.
  • Her hatred of people fuming indoors is doubtful.
  • She has an unbelievable love for life.
  • This is of grand significance.
  • He got an award for his courage.


  • Anger, Hate, Joy, Love, Sorrow, Sadness, think etc.


  • Interest, Knowledge, Thought, Sacrifice, Wisdom etc.


  • Birthday, Life, Death, Childhood, Past, Holiday etc.


  • Comfort, Culture, Energy, Faith, Opportunity, Charity etc.


  • Trust, Beauty, Courage, Honesty, Patience etc.


  • Peace, Freedom, Luxury, Being, Openness etc.


  • Stress, Pain, Fear, Sympathy, Confusion, Pleasure etc

The abstract Nouns are Formed from the following methods

From Common Noun: 

As ” Boyhood ” from ” Boy “, ” Childhood ” from ” Child “, ” Sickness ” from ” Sick “, ” Slavery ” from ” Slaves ” etc.

From Adjectives:

As ” goodness ” from ” Good “, ” Honest ” from ” Honesty “, ” Bravery ” from ” Brave “, ” Hardness ” from ” hard “. etc

From Verb:

As ” Laughter ” from ” Laugh “, ” Movement ” from ” Move “, ” Growth ” from ” Grow “, ” Obedience ” from ” Obey “. etc

How abstract Noun is Use in Writing

This blog will look at how abstract nouns are used in various types of writing. It will also examine how good writers can use abstract nouns to their advantage.

Blog Body: Abstract nouns may sound like a strange concept and not something that is easily understandable. Academic writers will often use abstract nouns in order to make a clear argument for their thesis. One of the ways that these writers can create clarity and coherence between different concepts is to use abstract nouns.

Blog Body: Having a clear sentence structure, especially for an academic writer, is very important. This is because good.


Abstract nouns are words that are use to refer to something not physical. These nouns are usage to describe abstract or intangible things. Abstract nouns are usually create of verbs, adjectives or other nouns. These nouns are use to refer to things that are intangible. For example, the abstract noun ‘advice’ is make of the verb ‘advice’ and the ‘-ce’ suffix. The abstract noun ‘success’ is drive by the adjective ‘successful’ and the suffix ‘-ness’. The abstract noun ‘beauty’ is make of the noun ‘beautiful’ and the suffix ‘-ness’.

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