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Abstract nouns are from verbs complete list


Abstract nouns are from verbs complete list

Abstract nouns are from verbs

Abstracts Nouns from Verbs is a compilation of different verbs with their corresponding abstract nouns. In The Elements of Style, Strunk and White wrote about how abstract nouns can be created from verbs by adding a suffix. I’ve included examples and a list of each noun and verb, along with exercises to help you practice. This can be a very useful technique for writers as well as content marketers. This blog will show you how it can be done.

Here is a list of Abstract nouns from the verb:

List Of ” A “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Authorisation Authorize
Assessment Assess
Assertion Assert
Architecture Architect
Appointment Appoint
Application Apply
Advancement Advance
Administration Administer
Acquisition Acquire
Achievement Achieve
Accomplishment Accomplish
Avoidance Avoid
Attraction Attract
Attendance Attend
Admission Admit
Access Accede
Allowance Allow
Attention Attend
Arrival Arrive
Arrangement Arrange
Argument Argue
Approval Approve
Appreciation Appreciate
Applause Applaud
Appearance  Appear
Annoyance Annoy
Analysis Analyse
Amusement Amuse
Allowance Allow
Affordability Afford
Admiration Admire
Addition Add
Acceptance Accept
List Of ” B “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Boredom Bore
Blindness Blind
Blessing Bless
Belongingness  Belong
Belief Believe
Behaviour Behave
List Of ” C “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Customization Customize
Criticism Critique
Creation Create
Coordination Coordinate
Conversion Convert
Contraction Contract
Consultation Consult
Consolidation Consolidate
Conservation Conserve
Conclusion Conclude
Conduction Conduct
Conceptualization Conceptualize
Compulsion Compell
Collaboration Collaborate
Clarification Clarify
Correction Correct
Continuation Continue
Consideration Consider
Connection Connect
Confusion Confuse
Confession Confess
Concentration Concentrate
Complaint Complain
Competition Compete
Comparison Compare
Collection Collect
Closeness Close
Cleanliness Clean
Calculation Calculate
List Of ” D “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Documentation Document
Description Describe
Diversion Divert
Diversification Diversify
Distribution Distribute
Direction Direct
Determination Determine
Detection Detect
Delegation Deceive
Definition Decide
Division Decorate
Disappearance Develop
Disagreement Disagree
Development Develop
Decoration Decorate
Decision Decide
Deception Deceive
List Of ” E “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Explosion Explode
Explanation Explain
Expectation Expect
Excitement Excite
Entertainment Entertain
Entrance Enter
Enjoyment Enjoy
Emptiness Empty
Employment Employ
Embarrassment Embarrass
Education Educate
Expedition  Expedite
Expansion Expand
Execution Execute
Examination Examine
Evaluation Evaluate
Establishment Establish
Estimation Estimate
Enforcement Enforce
Energy Energize
Encouragement Encourage
Emphasis Emphasize
Elimination Eliminate
Election Elect
Education Educate
List Of ” F “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Failure Fail
Foundation Found
Formulation Formulate
Formation Form
Forgery  Forge
Facilitation Facilitate
List Of ” G “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Guidance Guide
Graduation Graduate
Governance Govern
Generation Generate
List Of ” H “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Hatred Hate

List of ” i “

List Of ” I “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Investigation Investigate
Introduction Introduce
Interpretation Interpret
Integration Integrate
Installation Install
Inspiration Inspire
Inspection Inspect
Initiation  Initiate
Improvisation Improvise
Implementation Implement
Illustration Illustrate
Irritation Irritate
Invitation Invite
Invention Invent
Introduction Introduce
Interruption Interrupt
Interference  Interrupt
Intention Intend
Instruction Instruct
Information Inform
Inclusion Include
Improvement Improve
Impression Impress
Imagination Improve
Ignorance Ignore
Identification Identify
List Of ” J “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Justification Justify
Judgement Judge
List Of ” K “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Knowledge Know
List Of ” L “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Life Live
List Of ” M “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Motivation Motivate
Modification Modify
Meditation Mediate
Manipulation Manipulate
Management Manage
Maintenance  Maintain
List Of ” N “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Nomination Nominate
Negotiation Negotiate
Navigation Navigate
List Of ” O “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Origination Originate
Orientation Orient
Organisation Organize
Operation Operate
Offence Offend
Occurrence Occur
Observation Observe
Objection Object
List Of ” P “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Punishment Punish
Protection Protect
Prevention Prevent
Pretension Pretend
Preservation Preserve
Preference  Prefer
Possession Possess
Pleasure Please
Permission Permit
Publication Publish
Promotion Promote
Progression Progress
Production Produce
Procurement Procure
Process Process
Prescription  Prescribe
Preparation Prepare
Prediction Predict
Persuasion  Persuade
Performance Perform
Perfection Perfect
Perception Perceive
Participation Participate

List of ” Q “

List Of ” Q “
Abstract Noun Verbs
Qualification Qualify
List Of ” R “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Revision Revise
Restoration Restore
Response Respond
Renegotiation Renegotiate
Rejuvenation Rejuvenate
Reinforcement Reinforce
Regulation Regulate
Retirement Retire
Reproduction Reproduce
Removal Remove
Remembrance  Remember
Relaxation Relax
Rejection Reject
Reflection Reflect
Realisation Realise
Reduction Reduce
Recruitment Recruit
Reconciliation Reconcile
Recommendation Recommend
Recognition Recognize
List Of ” S “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Suspension Suspend
Subtraction Subtract
Settlement Settle
Supervision Supervise
Suggestion Suggest
Success Succeed
Strength  Strengthen
Stimulation Stimulate
Standardisation Standardize
Specification Specify
Solution Solve
Simplification Simplify
Service Serve
Separation Separate
Sight Seet
Selection Select
Satisfaction Satisfy
List Of ” T “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Transportation Transport
Terror Terrify
Translation Translate
Transformation Transform
Termination Terminate
Tabulation Tabulate
List Of ” U “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Upgradation Upgrade
Unity Unite
List Of ” V “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Verification Verify
Validation Validate
List Of ” W “
Abstract Nouns Verbs
Victory Win
Warning Warn
Warmth Warm

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