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Agreement with generic nouns personal pronoun


Agreement with generic nouns personal pronoun

Agreement with Generic Nouns:

The singular generic nouns are use not to indicate any particular things and not any particular persons. Rather than, it describes the whole group. In the case ” masculine and feminine both pronouns are use to show singular generic nouns. The pronouns are use to indicate the special individuals which genders are known. Just noun is not a generic noun.

Now we will be understanding by the following examples and uses which are given on this page and before Agreement with Generic nouns read first you should read and understand ” Generic Noun ” what is this? learn complete rules, usage and examples of the Generic noun all things are well define.


  • A team come in the ground. He picks his bat. ( Masculine gender )

Here, ( In this example, The Pronoun ” he ” also refers to the feminine gender. Noun ” team ” is not a generic noun in this sentence and the pronoun ” he ” is referring to the noun ” team ” ).

  • The team should clean his and her room.

Here, ( In this sentence, ” his and her ” both masculine and feminine genders are use to refer to singular ” team ” generic noun ).

We should avoid the issue of choosing masculine pronouns and feminine pronouns. We can use the plural form rather than a singular generic noun.


  • Teams should clean their room.

Here, ( In this example, The noun ” students ” is in the plural form and it is a plural noun ).

  • Passengers should get their tickets.

Here, ( In this example, The noun ” Passengers ” is in the plural form and it is a plural noun and we did not use a singular generic noun here ).

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