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Anaphora definition difference & examples

Anaphora definition


Anaphora definition & examples

What is Anaphora?

Linguistic unit is a pronoun to guide to another crew will back and the other use of ” her ” to sate to the noun. in the sentence. Ali asked Saira to play with her toy. Anaphora is use to describe the relationship between the ” proform ” is known as ” Anaphora “. In other, we say ” Antecedent “. If we learn the anaphoras is in a particular way to determine by the interpretation of the antecedents.

What is the difference between Anaphora and Antecedent?

Simply, Anaphoras and Antecedent are simple words that go always together. The antecedent is using to describe the persons that are doing something anywhere. In the flank Anaphoras, anaphoras are the pronoun that is use to indicate the antecedents.


  • I told Mhanoor to pick her book for the English class.

Here, ( In this example, Noun ” Mhanoor ” is the antecedent of this sentence. It is an animate noun. The word which is describe ” her ” is anaphoras of this sentence ).

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