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Animate Noun

An animate noun refers to a living and intelligent being. such as ( persons and human begins ) are all Animates nouns because all people clearly alive on earth. On the other side, we compare with time but it is inanimate because it is not alive but it is a period just past the human beings age. It is an abstract noun we can’t see just think about time or period. An animates noun is a conscious noun, which can only actually be a person, somebody, animal, or fictional creature. You just understand from here all those things which have any movement and change our position one place to another place that is known as Animate noun. More you can understand from the given image.

Animate noun definition

What is an Animate noun?

An Animate noun is a noun that is used to indicate all those things which are alive means ( these things have movement and move everywhere etc ) such as ” animals, persons, birds and other living organisms which are alive anywhere. The noun is clear that a noun is the name of person, place, or things, all animals and persons are animate nouns and on the other hand, we talk about places and things ( both are non-living ) these are inanimate nouns. here I am clearing the ” Animates noun “.

Examples of Animates noun:

  • Ali, Father, Mother, insects, parrot, horse, elephants, etc

Animate nouns in Sentence:

  • The car is stand under the tree.
  • Ahmed playing football in the garden.
  • hi! look there a beautiful parrot is sit in the tree.
  • He is going to city with her mother.
  • They are washing a clothes.


( Pronouns can be Animated nouns because Pronouns are use in the place of nouns).

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