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Antecedent definition Usage & examples

Antecedent definition Usage & examples


Introduction of Antecedent

In well-known Grammar, An antecedent is a phare, sentence and word that is used to give us meaning to perform some action. The word ” perform ” stands for another for a full clear indication about the antecedent. A word performs is included in parts of speech such as noun, pronoun, verb and adjective. An antecedent is just represented by the pronouns.

Antecedent definition Usage & examples

What is an Antecedent?

The antecedent is a noun that sometimes indicates is known as pronoun-antecedents. Regardless, it is just used only one pronoun is called the antecedents ( this means one pronoun is used in any sentence ), In the sentence without any pronoun, antecedents can not be use. so, here we should understand antecedents and pronouns are generally consistently link with each other to make the proper meaning full sentence.

An antecedents word is returning by another word in the process of any sentence. Mostly antecedents are replace by a pronoun and it comes before the use of the pronoun in any sentence.


  • Ali wanted to drink a cold drink, so he worked hard the whole hot day.

Here, ( ” Ali ” is Antecedents to perform the action of ” he ” in the sentence and ” Ali ” is an animate noun and also he is because he is a pronoun that used at the place of a noun

  • One gift is open from it three gifts were available.

Here, ( ” one gift ” is an antecedent to perform the action of ” it ” in this sentence and ” gift ” is an inanimate noun because it is a non-living thing). A pronoun is operating in a dependent clause, the antecedents will use in the independent clause. A pronoun is operating in a dependent clause, the antecedents will use in the independent clause.

  • When Saira feel sick, so she ran to the hospital.

Here, ( ” Saira ” is an antecedent to perform the action of ” she” in this sentence and ” Saira” is an animate noun because she is a living organism and also ” she ” is a pronoun that is use at the place of a noun ).

In English Grammar and English Language, Antecedents is using to identify the nouns that come before the pronouns for raise and one antecedent is using originally for use completely acceptable pronoun thereafter.

1: In some periods the antecedents is not note particularly.


  • Please show these in face of Mahnoor.

Here, ( In this sentence, Antecedents is not been note or mentioned and Mahnoor is Animate noun ).

  • Make sure Ali has Little before Mhanoor reaches.

Here, ( In this sentence, Antecedents is not been note or mentioned and Mahnoor and Ali is Animate noun ).

2: Periodically the antecedents are conventional.

  • The joker was swinging in the sea, faking five cutters, and singing songs. That is aptitude.

3: Some periods, Pronouns come before the antecedents

  • When she was happy, the teacher develops a stammer.

Here, ( In this sentence, When pronoun comes before an antecedent is announce as Postcedent ).

4: Some periods and other pronouns of the antecedents


  • They love one another

Here, ( ” they ” pronoun is a reciprocal pronoun of the antecedents and ” one another ” is the reciprocal pronoun of ” they ” and ” they ” have an own antecedents that is a noun.

5: Some periods, An antecedents is a share of the pronoun


  • I took my girlfriend everywhere, but she maintains locating her pathway ago.

Here, ( in this sentence, different kinds of pronouns are not unusual to share an antecedent and ” her ” is a possessive determiner and it is the kind of possessive pronoun ).

Daily Life Examples of Antecedents

Personal pronoun ( They and He ) of an antecedents

  • If the scientists have not discovered anything that they will famish for, they aren’t good to live.

Possessive pronouns of Antecedents are including the possessive determiners like as ( my, mine, his, you, yours, theirs )


  • There is use in fear, but it is nothing in cheese.

Here, ( This is a possessive pronoun and it is a possessive determiner ).

  • It is more difficult for a man to explain his emotion in language which primarily makes men convey theirs.
  • Help all to complete theirs dreams, you will get yours.

Indefinite pronouns ( none and several ) of Antecedents

  • worry has its usage, but timidity has none.

Here, ( in this sentence, it is remarkable for the sentence to numerous antecedents and pronouns ).

The reciprocal pronoun ( one another and each other ) of the Antecedents


  • When girlfriend and boyfriend love each other, they care to enjoy each other.

Here, ( ” they ” is an antecedent of ” each other ” both are underline and it pronoun of the antecedents of ” people ” ).

Why do I care about an antecedent?

The linking between the antecedents and the pronouns are unclear. you will compel your learner to the cubicle. At most menacing, they will misunderstand your textbook. To describe yourself as an exact philosopher, you must provide the antecedents of pronouns that are unmistakable.

There are two general ways they link between pronouns to their antecedents to forget some time this is announce as ” faulty pronoun “.

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