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Antecedent usage Tips and tricks rules & examples


Antecedent usage tips and tricks

Define Antecedent

Antecedent usage tips and tricks: In English grammar, the antecedent is a word, phrase, or sentence that gives meaning to an initial principle. Perform a is a word or phrase that replaces another, that can be understood through contextual suggestions. An infinitive can consist of many parts of speech, including a noun, pronoun, adjective, and verb. In the sentence “Joan loves sweets, which is why he makes cookies” the aforementioned is “Juan” and the initial form (the pronoun in this case) is “he”.

Read in details Antecedents

( read in detail by carefully Antecedent usage tips and tricks ).

Three Rules of Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement ( Antecedent usage tips and tricks )

Subsequent pronouns and Antecedents are used at the place of a noun. Here same phrase and words could not be repeated in the sentences. Some rules are which help you in use of correct antecedents that are a couple with the pronouns

1: Antecedents come before the pronouns

2: Antecedents match the pronoun quantity

3: Treat compound antecedents as plural

( 1st Rule ) Antecedents come before the pronouns:

Make a sentence for clear understanding, ” My beautiful wife came over for lunch after she completed cooking “. Here, ” My beautiful wife ” is a phrase noun and the antecedents of the sentences are singular. ” she ” is the pronoun that comes after the antecedent.

( 2nd Rules ) 2: Antecedents match the pronoun quantity:

Pronoun quantity should be agreed with pronouns. A singular noun replaces a singular pronoun and likely, A plural noun replaces a plural pronoun. In this sentence, we try to understand, ” The horde of kites is flying in the sky, and it is shifting fast “. Here, ” The horde of kites ” antecedent matches to ” it ” and in a sentence the correct pronoun is ” it “. If we use ” they ” it will be wrong because the subject of the collective noun is singular horde and ” in the sky ” is a prepositional phrase it is modified the ” the horde “.

( 3rd Rule ) Treat compound antecedents as plural

A treat compound antecedent is an antecedent that contains compound subjects one or more persons and things. regard the instance sentence ” Maricar and Angel are going to the beachside, where they have made pull “. ” Maricar and Angel ” both are compound antecedents and the ” they ” pronoun is correct and not be used ” he and she “are not correct ” he and she “.

Three Tips and Tricks using of Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

In English Grammar and English Language, Pronouns and Antecedents are supporting to declutter the sentences. There are so many pathways to aware general mistakes. Understand the following tricks.

There are three main Antecedent usage tips and tricks

1: Rely on Pronoun

2: Place antecedents before Pronoun

3: Pronoun who and what

1: Rely on Pronoun:

Relying on pronouns is used to help in avoiding the repetition of the same words. In this example ” Khalid is driving the honda car that Khalid buy so that Khalid practice more “. ” Khalid ” name comes 3 times in this sentence. Relying on pronouns is the sentence smoother like this it is easy to read ” Khalid is driving the honda car that Khalid buy so that Khalid practice more “.

2: Place antecedents before Pronoun:

The pronoun has come after the antecedents replace it. for example ” He knows what Kamran wants to order — where Kamran has dined as the topic ” but here pronoun comes after. Easy to say, ” Khalid knows what he wants to order “. In this way, you can communicate who Khalid is forward then chase up with the proper pronoun.

3: Pronoun who and what:

A sentence would have numerous subjects periodically. When the pronoun follows, It is clear what and who it is to replace. Suppose the sentence, ” Saira and Sana are treating the party, but she does not want to go there “. it is not clear the sentence who is ” she ” is showing and it may be Saira and Sana. ” Saira and Sana treating the party, but they do not want to go there “. If two of the one does not want to treat, explicitly express the character.

Examples: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Read Examples for clear understanding.

  • John and I moved to the shop so we bring some good American chicken.

Here, ( In this example, John and I ” antecedents are agreed with the ” we ” ).

  • A team should be polite in the playground, otherwise, they get confinement.

Here, ( In this example, Indefinite pronoun is operated ” they ” and the subject ” team ” is an unknown ” generic noun ” they stay at the place of the subject.

  • Two of the table’s legs is unstable. It should be prepared before coming of the guests.

Here, ( In this example, it is showing that pronoun-Antecedent Agreement could be span cluster of sentences. The first part of the sentence ” Two of the table’s legs ” and in the second sentence pronoun ” it ” is staying in for ” Two of the table’s leg’s “.

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