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Antecedents demonstrative Pronoun & Examples

Antecedents demonstrative Pronoun


Antecedents with demonstrative Pronoun

Antecedents with demonstrative Pronoun:

Demonstrative Pronouns are in Singular and Plural

This Singular
That Singular

Like, With other Pronouns, When a Demonstrative pronoun must be used before when the antecedent is identified. Demonstrative Pronouns are most specific.


( Without Antecedents )

  • I want my girlfriend to beautiful like that.

Here, ( ” what like? ” and what is that? name is not mentioned and antecedent is not in this example ).

( With Antecedents )

  • Your girl is so cute, I want my girlfriend to look like that.

Here, ( I’m going to clear in this example ” girl ” is antecedent of ” that ” demonstrative Pronoun and girl is animate ).

NOTE: Demonstrative Pronoun is used to indicate things in very specific.

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