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Antecedents with Personal Pronoun & examples

Antecedents with Personal Pronoun


Antecedents with Personal Pronoun

Antecedents with Personal Pronoun:

Subject and Object with the personal pronoun

You You ( Singular and Plural
She Her
Antecedents with Personal Pronoun

Like, With other Pronouns, When a personal pronoun must be used before when the antecedent is identified. 


( Without antecedents )

  • Together they jump in sadness.

Here, ( This sentence is unclear because this is without antecedent, Who are ” they “. Names are not be shown who are jump ).

( With an Antecedents )

  • Ali arrived at Mahnoor’s shop in the morning. Together they happily go to school.

Here, ( In this example, Personal pronoun is ” they ” which is completely fine. Why? because ” Ali ” and Mahnoor ” both are antecedent and animate nouns and it is used primarily to “they.

Other Example:

In the same sentence with Personal Pronoun

  • Kamran Love her sister.

Here, ( In this instance, ” her ” is the personal pronoun. It is acceptable because ” Kamran ” is identified it is an antecedent and also an animate noun. the people do not understand ” whom ” the sister belong and it belongs to ” her ” but who is she? no one knows her name. An antecedent is needed ).

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