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Beauty and the beast 1991 cast Story Chapter 03

Beauty and the beast 1991 cast Story Chapter 03
beauty and the beast 1991 cast

Beauty and the beast 1991 cast Story Chapter 03

“You’re a bad person!” The animal cried out angrily. “Come to my palace. I will save your life. You will eat here and you will sleep here. And then my beautiful rose has taken one. You must die for it.” Hassan’s father started crying. Oh, my lord, I’m sorry! My name is not “Lord” – it is an animal. Please call me by my name. You are talking about your daughters.

Then one of your daughters has to die in your place. “Oh no! “They are young and do not want to die. ” “Then you have to go back and die,” said the animal. “I can wait three months. Are you willing to come back?” Hassan’s father agreed to return.

The beauty’s father talks to the animal before leaving the palace. “I can’t find it,” says the animal. ‘Go back to your bedroom. There is a big chest. All you want is yours. ‘ Then he returns home on horseback. Give the rose its beauty at home. “Take this beautiful rose,” she complained. “Let me tell you about a terrifying adventure.”

Tell the children about the empty boat in the harbour, the tower in the forest and the beast. Rosalind and Hortensia were furious. “Daddy must die for the beauty of the rose you love!” “No,” Bella said, “Daddy won’t die. I’m going to the beast’s castle!” “No, my dear sister,” said her three brothers. “We will go to the palace and kill him!” “No, that’s not possible,” said the father. “The beast is very big and strong.

Beauty says beauty and the beast 1991 cast

I’m getting old – I have to go and die. But beauty does not fit. He decided to go to Best’s palace. He said, “No, Dad, don’t go.” I want to go! ” Absolutely my beautiful beauty! ”Beauty says,” I’m not scared. Live and take care of your brothers and sisters. They need you. ” Beauty’s father thought for a moment, then he said sadly, ‘Well, Beauty, you can go.

The next morning Bella and her father went to the beast’s palace. In the palace, you will see a long table with lots of good food. Beauty and her father are not hungry but they are sitting and eating. “What’s that scary sound?” He asked “The beast is coming,” says his father. Hassan looked at the ugly face of the beast and thought, ‘Oh, this beast is terrible!’

The beast saw her and said, “You are a beautiful woman.” The beast looks at Hassan’s father and says you should go tomorrow. And don’t go back! Do you understand Beauty’s father looked at the animal first and then at his daughter? ‘Oh beauty, please come to my house! Stay here! ” Dad, ”Bella said. “We have to be brave. We’re both tired. Let’s go to bed now.

You can go to my brothers and sisters ‘house tomorrow morning:’ That night she dreamed of beauty. There is a beautiful story in her dream: ‘You are a beautiful woman, you are beautiful. And your heart is kind. You want to save your father’s life. One day you will be very happy.

Chapter No: 04

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