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Beauty and The Beast Font Life Story Chapter 05

Beauty and The Beast Font Life Story Chapter 05

Beauty and The Beast Font Life Story Chapter 05

Beauty and The Beast Font Life Story

The Dream

Beauty says the animal would be very sad without me, but I want to stay with my family for a few more days. Then I will go back to him. “Beauty thinks of the animal. She longs for it. Ten days later she dreams of the animal’s beauty. In her dream, the animal is in the fire in the castle garden and will die!” Beauty whispered to the animal: “Today is the tenth day and you are not here. Me cannot live without you.”

He can’t eat or drink. I have to go back to him. “I took the ring and put it on the bedside table. The animal is ugly, but kind,” he thinks. “Why don’t I marry her?” I’m happy with it. My sisters have beautiful and intelligent husbands but they are not happy. Beauty falls asleep and wakes up the next morning at Best Castle.

Today I will come in a beautiful dress, “Think Beauty. At nine o’clock in the evening, she goes to dinner and waits for the animal. But she does not come to see it.” What happens? “Beauty thinks. Where’s the animal? Why wasn’t it here?” I shouted: “Animal! Where are you? Answer me!”

Suddenly he remembered his dream. He ran into the garden and saw an animal burning. “No moon!” He shouted, “died?” Listen to her heartbeat. ”beauty! He is not dead! “Think. He moistens his face with cold river water. The animal slowly opens its eyes.” Beauty whispered: “I’m dying … but I’m glad I’m here.” “Okay, animal,” he shouts.

“Don’t die! You have to live and be my man. I love you and I can’t live without you.”

The Prince

Suddenly the lights of the palace and the garden came on. There is a spectacular display of fireworks in the sky. He looked at the palace in amazement. Then he turned and looked at the animal. What a fantastic way to tighten the people over. You saw a handsome young man. “Thank you,” said the young man. “The magic is broken!” “But where is the animal?” I told the prince, I am a beast!

“I don’t understand,” he said. “Who are you? I am a prince and this is my pen,” said the young man. Now I know your love is real. “Are you marrying me beautifully?” “

You will be amazed when you open the door. ‘My family! You are all here! She cries beautifully. I’m glad to see your family. They laugh and talk together. Suddenly he saw a beautiful story in a dream. “Beauty,” tells us an amazing story, “Your heart is good, you will marry a prince and you will become a prince!” The gorgeous story then takes care of her two lovely sisters. In the sign, it says: “You are dirty, lazy and kind.”

“You don’t like anyone!” Parable has it that some of the magical words are emitted and suddenly Rosalind and Hortensia become extraordinary. “Oh no!” Beauty is shouting. “Sisters are memorable!” “Your sisters have hearts,” he said. “They can’t move anymore, but they can see and hear everything. The next day they were beautiful and they married the prince.”

Everyone in the palace dances and sings. This is a happy day. People give flowers to the beauty and the prince. The prince wept in his beautiful eyes and did not weep. We will be very happy together!

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