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Collective noun and plural noun & their difference with example


what is the different the collective and plural noun

What is the difference between Collective noun and plural noun?

The collective noun and the plural noun are two different words that are used to express the same meaning. So, now we are talking about Collective Noun. The collective noun is a noun that is used to refer to a group of people, things and animals. The collective noun is often used to refer to all the individuals of a group. For example, the collective noun “crowd” refers to all the people at a football game. Collective nouns are typically used with singular verbs and pronouns.

Plural Noun

In another hand, The plural noun is the noun that is use to refer to the number of objects and items which are all of the same kind. The plural nouns are usually use in the case when we talk about individual things. It is also typically used with pronouns and plural nouns. For example, the plural noun “phones” and ” peoples ” refers to more than one cell phone.

Where do we use Collective Nouns?

In English Grammar, This article discusses the use of the collective noun and its meaning. a collective noun is a singular noun that refers to a group of objects or beings. This type of noun use to refer to a group or set of persons or things as a whole. Examples of collective nouns are family, team, class, and audience. Another example of the collective noun is a pair. A pair is a set of two items that consider being a single unit. This can express by using the words of a pair. The word of is a preposition that use to show the relation between a pair of items. For instance, a pair of shoes. The word of introduces the noun to pair.

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