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Collective Nouns as Antecedents


Define Collective Noun

Collective noun as antecedents: Collective noun is in the singular form but collective nouns are stand with the group of particular individuals and things. When collective nouns are consider as a single branch. The pronoun indicating to it would be singular. If collective nouns are consider to the group of someone is acting separately then pronouns are in the plural forms. Now we try to understand from the given examples.


  • The team showing its explanation.

Here, ( in this example, the noun ” team ” is acting as ” branch ” ).

  • On Tuesday the team marked their agreements for the coming issue.

Here, ( In this example, the noun ” team ” is acting as individuals ).

The use of ” They ” in Singular

The pronoun ” they ” is use as a singular that is use to indicate the personal representative. ” person ” is an individual who works as a singular ” the ordinary student ” and another “a moderate Landon ” that would describe by numerous genders.

A somebody can never overly detailed about their usage of vocabulary as Collective Nouns as Antecedents.

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