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Demonstrative speech definition & examples


Demonstrative speech definition & examples

What is Demonstrative Speech?

A Demonstrative Speech is composed to explain and show people how to do something. This might involve using various kinds of visible aids, or handouts to ensure the effectiveness of the guidance. A demonstrative speech is a speech that is meant to convey an idea or message to an audience or a group of people. In this case, the term demonstrative refers to an action that is meant to be a demonstration of some historical event or a scientific principle.

There are many similarities with an informative speech. A demonstrative speech also teaches you.

  • 1: how to start your own blog.
  • 2: How to make the tie.
  • 3: How to write a speech/paragraph/letter etc.
  • 4: How to do just about anything. 


A Demonstrative Speech explains how to do some things or how something works. physical activity or objects by the demonstrator must be exhibite ( charts, graphs, maps, pictures, etc ). Optional and may be use to enhance the demonstration but are not to take the place of objects or activities. The speech must be instructive and present valuable and significant information.

  • In a nutshell, a great demonstration speech explains.
  • The goal is to successfully teach a method or skill.
  • It’s a mixture of informative speeches with in-built visible support.
  • The public, through listening, watching, or joining learns somethings new.
  • As their guide, you will take them through a process of ” showing and telling ” covering any mark from set-up to completion.

If you wanted to improve your ” Demonstration Speech ” follow up these Rules:

  • Choose your Topic Carefully
  • Examine your Audience 
  • Prepare an Outline
  • Look for Credible Source 
  • Write a Motivational Conclusion 
  • Write the Drafts
  • Conduct Research
  • Frame the Thesis Statement.

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