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Double noun in Grammar definition & examples


Double noun in Grammar definition & examples

What is a Double noun word?

Many nouns are both noncount nouns and count nouns. During the changing form count nouns to noncount nouns and very slightly meaning is changed. In the forms noncount nouns. the noun is used to refer to the whole quantity and ideas. another, In the form of a count noun, a noun is used to refer to the specific things or the names, types and examples. If the noun is countable, it is used with the indefinite article ” a ” and ” an ” and also they make the plural form of it.


Consult the publish literature in your field of study to determine whether specific nouns are use as countable or countable nouns. Sometimes a noun that is normally count becomes uncountable in technical usage. Double is dependent on counting and calculation how many or how many things you have and you want to count. These nouns just indicate the number of things. After learning double nouns you should learn ( Count nouns, Noncount nouns, Countable nouns and Uncountable nouns. You good understand these given nouns ).


  • Love is Life.

Here, ( ” love and life ” both are noncount nouns ).

  • They spend our life very faithfully.

Here, ( This is a specific type of life. they can spend boring life, dangerous life, or up so on ).

Two ways of the double noun word

Two ways nouns also refer as a double noun we can that this is a double noun. They can be either noncount nouns and also count nouns it is depending on the meaning of your context. Commonly the noncount nouns are described as a common or abstract conception. other, the count noun describes the special items or things.

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