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Basics English Grammar is a very ancient field of study. Did you know that the sentence was first broken down into subject and verb, object by Plato? The famed philosopher from old Greece. That was about 2400 years ago! Ever since so, students all over the world have found it worthwhile to study the structure of words and sentences, compositions, structures Why? Because skill in speaking, writing, listening, reading is the sign of all the people.

English Grammar

English Grammar deals with the laws of the English Language. It refers to the structure of words and sentences in the English & English language or to the classification of this structure. Basics Skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and learning cannot be acquire without the knowledge of English grammar and rules of Grammar.

Saving in mind the need of learners, we have introduced our new series named Basic English Grammar for all classes. Our series is according to the latest guidelines about English and Grammar. Every sheet is defined easily in English and Urdu.

Our series is consists of all the aspects of complete English Grammar, English Language, Teaching guides, Such as Parts of speech with examples and rules, Structure, Speeches and it’s all kinds, Cases of Noun, Simple Vocabulary and image householding Vocabulary with images, motivational and emotional speeches, Sentences, Comprehension, Composition, and much more interested knowledge about English Grammars. it also consists of beautiful and attractive artwork which makes learning more interesting for all English learners. English Grammatical rules are explain in clear and simple language with several examples.

Some points that is keep in mind are also mention clearly in definitions and examples.

We assume that this series will make the teaching and learning of grammar enjoyable to both the teachers and all the students. we welcome all kinds of suggestions and feedback from the teachers, parents, and students for future reference.

We wish you every success in your pursuit of English proficiency.

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