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Formation of the compound nouns & examples


Formation of the compound nouns & examples

What is Compound Noun?

A compound noun is a word that combines two or more words than two words are mixing them to make a single noun. It is called a compound noun because it involves more than one word to determine it. You can make Compound nouns by the formation of compound nouns.

Words formation in English Grammar or English Language

In English Grammar or English Language have genius compound words of expressive of the formations. Like this ( elbow-room, pick-pocket, land-lord )

The compound words are usually separated from two parts by a hyphen. However, In this case, The component parts are closely connected with more common compound words, so that they are written as in single word without hyphens among them.

Like this: ( landlord, overcome, overload, pickpocket, haircut, sunstroke, sunshine ) here, In this case, many other compound words are total integration has been accomplished by modifying of one and both of components parts.

There are Three forms of Compound Noun

1: Open and Spaced: ( with Space )

The space between two words to make the new word and meaning is called the open and Spaced form of Compound noun.

For instance ( Table tennis, train stop, ) etc

2: Hyphenated: ( with Hyphens )

The hyphenated ( ) is use to join the two different words to make it one word with different meanings is announce the Hyphenated form of a compound noun.

For instance ( Father-in-law, Self-confidence, Six-pack ) etc

3: Closed or solid: ( without space and hyphens )

The close or stable form of the compound use without any space and hyphens in any word to make a new word and meaning are called Close or solid forms of Compound nouns.

For instance ( girlfriend, bedroom, classmate ) etc

Formation of the compound nouns: Compound Nouns can begin with Different Rules and Different combining parts of speech.

1: Noun + Noun

2: Adjective + Noun

3: Verb + Noun

4: Noun + Verb

5: Gerund + Noun

6: Noun + Gerund

7: Noun + Preposition

8: Present Participle + Noun

9: Possessive + Noun + Noun

RULES 1: ( Formation of compound nouns )

Noun + Noun

Bedroom    =    “ Two different nouns make one word with different mean “.

( Moonlight, wheelchair, toothbrush, moon star ) etc

RULES 2: ( Formation of compound nouns )

Adjective + Noun

Black boar  = “ black is adjective & board is  noun make one word with different mean “

( Handsome boy, beautiful girl, Cleaver student, intelligent boy, small village ) etc

RULES 3: ( Formation of compound noun )

Verb + Noun

Play + ground    =       “ play is verb & ground Is noun “.

( Pickpocket, dance team, playground, driving lances, send SMS, passport ) etc

RULES 4: ( Formation of compound noun )

Noun + Verb

Handshake  =   “ Hand is noun & shake Is noun “

( man-eater, hair cut, rainfall, car driver ) etc

RULES 5: ( Formation of compound noun )

Gerund + Noun

Dining table    =  “ Dining is Gerund & table Is noun “

( Dining room, shopping bag, Sitting room, drawing room ) etc

RULES 6: ( Formation of compound noun )

Noun + Gerund

Water – Leaking  =    “ Water is noun & Leaking is gerund “

( fortune-telling, water-skiing, house-cleaning ) etc

RULES 7: ( Formation of compound noun )

Noun + Preposition

Cooker on    =    “ Cooker is noun & On is the preposition “

( Commander-in-chief, passer-by, looker-on, hanger-on, brother-in-law ) etc

RULES 8: ( Formation of compound noun )

Present participle + Noun

Flying-fish = ( Here ” Flying ” is the verb and ” fish ” is a noun that makes one word and new meaning. you do not understand here ( Verb + Noun ) always, so like this, ( humming-bird, loving-kindness, flying-car ) etc

RULES 9: ( Formation of compound noun )

Possessive noun + noun

Here, ( In this case, The Apostrophe is should be using)

Like this: ( Craft’s-man, Hair’s-breadth, Stone’s-throw, ).

It is necessary to understand and determinate the ” compound nouns “. Each compound noun is perform in one unit and can be modify by other adjectives and nouns.

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