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Beauty’s Rose One year later, Beauty’s father receives an important message. He called his six sons and said: Do not get lost in the sea! Come to the port. Everyone is happy “Good news!” The three sons said. “Yes,” said his father. There is a ship in the harbour loaded with my belongings. “We’re rich again!” “We can buy good clothes,” says Rosalinda. “We can go back to the big houses in the city,” says Hortensia.

beauty rose

“Today I have to go to the sanctuary.” Her father said cheerfully. “Father,” said Hortensia. ‘Father, give me new clothes and a new hat. “Yes,” Rosalind said with new shoes and jewellery. Beauty: “Dad, don’t spend money,” said Jamal. “Bring me a rose.” The handsome father arrives at the port and finds his ship. But there is no burden. It’s empty!

“How unfortunate!” He said angrily. “I have to go household and tell the children’s the bad statement.” On this way of the home, through an extensive forest. It is snowing and the wind is blowing very hard. lost. “Where am I?” Think ‘Where can I go?’ I feel very cold and tired. “He hears the wolf and gets scared. Suddenly he sees a big castle in the forest. There is light in the window. Oh well!” Maybe He believes the palace of someone can help me.

About Breakfast

Take the horse to a stable near the palace. He knocks on the door of the great castle, but no one answers. Waiting outside the door. Then he opens the door and goes inside. You will discover an immense living room with a fireplace. There are many long dining tables. It’s cold and I’m sitting by the fireplace. “It’s mysterious, there’s nonentity here.” He is starving and starts eating at the tableland. So he took some rest on the bed.

Find a warm and comfortable bed and sleep. The next morning he found new clothes near his bed. “How nice! New clothes!” “Good people live in this palace.” He looks out the window and is surprised. He thinks: “This is a beautiful day without snow!” “And there are flowers in the garden.” Change your clothes and go down the hall. Cookies, chocolate and milk lie on a long table.

He sits down and says, “Thank you for such a wonderful breakfast”. And looked around but there was no one there. He decided to eat and go home. He goes to the stable and takes the horse. In the garden he sees roses. It is believed that “beauty wants roses.” He takes beautiful things. Suddenly he heard a terrible voice. He turns to look at an ugly monster.

Chapter No: 03

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