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Jannat Ke Pattay ( leaves of Paradise ) Novel Introduction In English

Leaves of Paradise



jannat ke pattay leaves of paradise

( Jannat K Pattay ) Leaves of Paradise

Leaves of Paradise ( Jannat K Pattay ) is a very heartfelt piece of writing on a subject that is very close to my heart!

This is the story of those who suffer and endure, those who endure pain, those who wage jihad, those who walk on thorns and become pearls.

This is the story of those who solve their own problems, those who find a way out of every difficulty with determination, those who do not advertise their problems in front of others.

And this is a story for people who can’t do a lot of good just because they don’t like it. Those who want to follow some of the commands of Allah, but in today’s world, they do not seem practical. Those who want to walk on the straight path but do not find any encouraging movement around them that discourages them.

Inspiring you

The Paradise Leaf story is written to inspire you. If you read this story, you will be able to follow the rules of Shariah that the main characters have difficulty following, even if they are not able to do so. This story will never force anyone to turn. But it will only tell you, whether you do it yourself or not, but do not become a source of pain and disgrace even for those who hold the leaves of heaven. Don’t be a scapegoat for party fighters. Encourage those who follow these commands, do not to break them. Let them alone. Do not punish them for obeying the command of Allah as it is and when it is. If one wants to obey the command of Allah in full, then you yourself may not obey that command, but leave such people alone.

Finally, I am very grateful for the completion of this novel.

In English

Jannat Ke Pattay Novel 1st Part

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