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Jannat Kay Pattay Emotional Novel In English 1st Part with PDF


PART N0: 01

( Leaves Of Paradise ) Jannat Kay Pattay

Jannat Kay Pattay

The laptop was on the front pillow. She was fibbing on her rear on the bed. The screen lamp was glowing on her face. She was holding the palm of her hand a little and moving one finger of the other hand on the touchpad of the laptop. Long straight black halls were lying on the side. Her eyes were the same. Dark big eyes and a moon-like glow, the face looked creamy. Clean and smooth and smooth. She was moving her finger on the touchpad, focusing on the screen in the same merry manner. After one-click, he opened a page and his moving finger stopped.

Jimmy’s eyes got a little worried on the screen and then he quickly pressed two or three buttons. Loading … While waiting, in the same anxious manner, he pushed back the slippery strands of oats with his finger. The page loaded in a few seconds. He became restless and brought his face close to the screen. Come forward Her eyes widened in surprise as she read. The lips parted slightly and the whole sank into uncertainty. It took her many moments to convince herself that what she was reading was true and as soon as her mind touched the ground of belief. She got up with a jolt. His phone was on the side table.

Cell Phone

He reached out and picked up the cell and quickly dialled a number. The sound of the buttons stirred in the sacred silence of the night. He put his phone to his ear and the bell was ringing.

“Hellozara! Maybe we got in touch. That’s when she chuckled.” How are you? So she didn’t go. “On the other hand, her friend was saying something. She paused to listen for a moment and then laughed.” Leave it all, listen to the big news I have! He said, usually with his hair braided and wrapped around his finger.

“You won’t believe, I know. Oh, no man! It’s not about Dilawar Bhai’s marriage.” Zara, on the other hand, said something but she immediately denied it. “But you do it, gas, what am I reaching to inform you?”

He did this with one hand on the laptop side and took out the pillow and leaned on the bed crown. Then he leaned back and straightened his legs. At the same time, she was refuting Zara’s assumptions. “No! Absolutely not.” Not at all. Hey, I’m not getting married no Please! I arm not even happening. Well done Zara! That’s all you have to think about. Now listen carefully, do you remember the Armadius program for which we applied?

The European Union

Can you believe Zara? The European Union selected me for the scholarship. Zara, on the other hand, screamed so loudly that her screams echoed throughout the room, even as the speaker turned off. “I’m telling you the truth, Zara! I just got the university mail fifteen minutes ago.” “Where the selection mail arrived fifteen minutes ago. Check it out immediately! You applied too. You must have received the mail too. She was holding the phone in one hand and turning off the laptop with the other hand.

When it got dark on the laptop screen, he closed the screen with his hand and placed it on the side table. “I’ve seen SpongeBob on the net. It’s a beautiful University City. But …” She was silent for a while. On the other hand, Parvez spoke again. It’s just a small problem. We won’t tell our families about it. Speaking in a low voice, he saw the closed door. In fact, Sanji girls’ headscarves are forbidden. Instead of worrying about it, tell your family about it. We don’t both wear scarves anyway. At that moment, there was a window outside the window. She was startled to see. Kadam Adam was lying on the floor in front of the window. However, the nets were open behind him.


“Daddy never forced me to take a scarf or cover my head, thank God! Irm picks up a scarf outside the house. Her father, Taya Furqan, is a bit strict.” Then she leaned back on the bed and began to lie down. “But there is no problem with the mission. Father would not allow me to go to Spain. But in Turkey, Sabin is flourishing. So he agreed. Anyway, he has full confidence in his daughter.”

Then she listened to her friend for a few moments. When Zara was silent, he nodded again.
“Not tomorrow! And my brother’s henna is tomorrow. You’re coming, aren’t you? And yes, I and I are wearing an Iram lehenga. All the cousins are very happy. It’s the family’s first wedding. Okay! It’s late at night. “

After saying goodbye, she leaned back on the phone and got up to go out. Outside, the lounge was immersed in silence. Hayne slowly closed the door of her room. Walking barefoot, she came to the kitchen from the lounge. He was even taller in a black shirt and open trousers. It was dark in the kitchen. She stopped at the door and reached out and turned on the kitchen light. All the lights went out. He went ahead and opened the door of the fridge and bent down to take out the water bottle.

As Soon As

Haryana gently pushed them back and straightened up with a bottle of water. He picked up the glass from the rack on the counter and started pouring water into the glass. Then his eyes fell on the white thing placed on the counter. As soon as she woke up, she came forward with the same bottle, a bouquet of white half-open roses, along with a white envelope. Hiya picked up the bouquet and sniffed it with her eyes closed.

A sweet, refreshing scent wafted into it. The flowers were as fresh as if they had just been plucked. He picked up the sealed envelope and looked back. “Haya Salman” was written in the place of his address. No sender address was written. The bus had a rear ticket and the date of the previous day was written on the ticket. No one ever sent him flowers like this. What was the matter? The bewildered Hayane tore the envelope. There was a thick piece of paper in it. He put out his fingers and pulled out the paper. White paper perfectly clean police station no-line design. Just two words were written in the middle of it.

Welcome to “Sabanci”

Jannat Ke Pattay Novel 2nd Part

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