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Khud Se Khuda Tak Novel In English Chapter N0: 01 With PDF

Khud Se Khuda Chapter N0: 01

Chapter N0 01: Khud Se Khuda Quotes

Khud Se Khuda Tak

Who I am? What is Ego? What is Nafs?

khud se Khuda tak chapter no 01 in English

Who I am? What is Ego? What is Nafs?

When we seek help from the Qur’an to identify ourselves, Allah has mentioned two types of enemies, one of which is Satan and the other is the human soul. Satan is an open and hidden enemy. There is knowledge about the devil but the knowledge of the self has been difficult and hidden. In the Holy Qur’an, self-purification is commanded with great intensity. Purification can be done only when we know this enemy and know very well what is the last soul? What are its functions? Only then can we be able to cleanse it. Let us take the talisman of Nafs in the name of Allah and get drunk and begin to know Him.

There are basically three parts to the self…

1: Body

2: Five senses

3: Mind

We observe all three, respectively.

The body is a revelation. Every living thing exists with its body. The body is made up of a single germ called a “single cellular cell”. It is a biological substance. ” Khud Se Khuda Tak Quotes “The body is not a living thing. The five senses are not present, the brain is not working, the body itself is a dead thing.

The body has little to do with the intellect. The body is an animal and has two mountains. Rescue and reproduction. The body is only interested in reproduction to satisfy hunger and increase its productivity, it is not interested in anything else.

Although the human body is superior to all other animal bodies in terms of its structure and sophistication, it is still an inescapable fact that there is no major biological difference between the animal body and the human body.

Life is his nature. It is life itself. He needs food to conduct surveys to survive in this world and this is his first priority. After satisfying hunger, it wants to perpetuate itself, to be eternal. The only way he can do that is to educate his generation beyond sex. For this, it does not seek any pleasure. Pleasure is a matter of the mind, not the body.

Sustain life

All it has to do is move forward and deliver the organism in order to sustain life. That is his intellect and that is his destiny. It is made of clay, man is given the form of a garment in this world. Such a garment does not belong to the youth but belongs to this land. Existence belongs to the earth which is handed over to the same earth at the time of death as one repays the loan.

In the same way, the existence of the earth takes back the earth until man is resurrect on the Day of Resurrection. To be, to be annihilate. The soil has to be mix in the committee. The body does not know if it is alive or dead. He has no idea what the problem is. It all makes sense to him. Let’s understand this with an example.
Suppose a person is apply on a table and ask his name, wife, children, education and business.

After receiving the answer, both his arms should be cut off and then if you are ask who you are, then the answer will be the same as before. Then both the legs should be separate from the body and the person lying on the table should reject in the same position, even then his name will be education, business, home, wife and children. This clearly means that existence is definitely a part of personality but complete personality is not at all. Then who is that which is beyond the body?

Khud Se Khuda Quotes: Self-purification

This is only the introduction of the body which man needs for self-purification, otherwise, the body is the most beautiful creation of Allah, glory unto Him. If the creation of its internal and external organs is consider till the Day of Resurrection, then it will never be possible to know whether it is the end or not.

Go about thirty years ago today and see that science knew so little about this body that it was underestimating that there was only one doctor for every disease but then man realized that it is not so easy then the era of specialization of every organ. It even started with a seven-year medical education for dentists. The more you go in, the more the mystery gets tangle up, even to the point where it has gone from cloning to mutation. The body will continue to be read on the Day of Judgment.

In the same way, the senses have their own separate world, which has its own aspirations and its perfections are basically five senses.

1: To see

2: Listening

3: Smell

4: To Taste

5: To feel

They act as sensors for the body, collecting information and transmitting it to the brain. Their main function is to create desire together with body and mind. This will be discuss later. Specific organs are provided to reduce the senses. Sight uses the eye as a camera, hearing is attach to the ears, the sense of taste is in the tongue, the nose is use for smelling, and the sense of touch is sense throughout the body.

It should be note that this definition was not give from a medical point of view because Allah achieves tens of millions of goals from one creation. The nose is not just for sniffing but it has many functions including breathing and exhaling. The expression of the senses here is for the purpose of self-identification only. We’re trying to figure out what that looks like, in fact, what it looks like. The senses also have no knowledge of their own.

Mind is in the human body

The information that the senses have without the mind is of no use. Let’s look at the mind at a glance … From the appropriateness of the subject, it is enough to understand that the mind is in the human body or the centre and axis of memory. This is the data centre. Analyst, It rules overall bodies and senses. The senses provide information to the outside world. With the help of this information, the mind, using past experiences, make decisions as an analyst. The body and the senses are bound to obey.

It is important to know that the mind and the brain are separate but interconnected. Just as the body is material and the spirit is immaterial, so the mind is material and the mind is immaterial. The brain is create up of the nervous system and many other cells that can be look, touch, while the mind is immaterial. This is call thinking.

The mind The whole body is connect to man through the brain. The human soul is creat up of these three parts, the body, the senses and the mind. All three are useless without each other. One has no status without the other. If the question is deeply consider who am I? So man is fail in amazement.

Am I a body? Do I feel I am beyond all of them? I am waiting for a reality. My honour, my thoughts, feelings, my knowledge, my world … Whose honour is this? What is the honour of my body? Realized or my mind? To find out the answers to these questions let us delve deeper into the depths of the soul.

Chapter N0: 02 Khud Se Khuda Tak

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