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Knowledge and Intellect Khud Se Khuda Tak Chapter N0: 02 In English

Khud Se Khuda Tak Novel Chapter No: 02 In English

Novel Khud Se Khuda Tak:

Knowledge and Intellect

By Novel Khud Se Khuda Tak

Knowledge and Intellect Khud Se Khuda Tak Chapter N0: 02 In English

Knowledge and Intelect ( Khud Se Khuda Tak )

To know the self, one must first know and recognize knowledge and intellect. What is knowledge and what is intellect? Allah says in the Qur’an that knowledge was given but a little … Knowledge is limited. Interpretation of Qur’anic verse:


” And they ask you concerning the soul, saying: The two spirits are by the command of my Lord, and the knowledge which has been given to you is very little”.

(Surah Bani Isra’il 85)

If the Creator is saying that there is little knowledge, then it must be admitted that the intellect is limited. First, understand the difference between knowledge and intellect.

Knowledge is the name of knowing something. In order to know ourselves, we have to find out what is the standard of our knowledge and how far is it accessible? In order to reach the essence of knowledge, we have to know the idea, because the movement of the mind is the movement of knowledge, that is, knowledge is activated by the idea. The name of the idea or memory is data. If someone’s memory is lost, his thinking disappears or becomes random and turns into a perversion of knowledge and madness appears.

All our thoughts are our complete memory and all our memory is our past … consider it isn’t it? We have no memory of the future, no data. Is. We are present in the present moment. This means that all memory is pass. We remember what has happened and that is our memory. Instead of believing the author, look at these lines with scepticism and do your own analysis.

The Experiences And Feelings

The experiences and feelings we have gone through are our past. We read somewhere, heard from somewhere, saw somewhere, smelled what we tasted … whatever we felt all our lives is our experience, our perception.

This is our past and our past is all our knowledge. We have no knowledge of the future. We are presently going through an identical understanding. That is why all our knowledge is our past. Knowledge is in fact the past. That is a fact.

Man has been living and dying in the world for more or less fifty thousand years. No one knows how many there are and no one can count them. Even today, over six billion people live every day. Surviving (a human being) among such a large number of homosexuals is an unrealistic thing. His experiences must be called more limited. Since his personal life is running in a limited circle, the information he has in the form of the past, which he calls knowledge, is irrational. Given but very little … Wisdom is the name of using this knowledge.

The only decision we have to make in any situation is intellect based on knowledge. Because our knowledge is limit, the small and big decisions we make on a daily basis based on this limit knowledge are also very limited. This is called angle view. Our way of life is narrow, small and limited. That is why we live like accidental human beings. Of our decision.

The Intellect and our knowledge

There is no basis for our intellect and our knowledge. We make all our decisions based on our past experiences. How can we get to the truth with such a limited perspective?

We sit in the present and analyze our past and shape our future and change it. Whereas our Lord who created us tells us that no living soul knows what it will do tomorrow.


Surely Allah knows the Hour, and He sends down rain, and He knows what is in the wombs of the mothers, and no one knows what he will do tomorrow. And no one knows who he is. Will he die on earth? Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware. “

(Surah Luqman 34)

Why does man not know? The veil of secrecy is reveale in verses 30-33 of Surah Al-Baqarah. Is a mischief-maker. He said, “You do not know what I know.” Then Allah taught Adam the names of some things. Then after a while, he asked the angels to tell the names of these things. He humbly said, “Allah knows nothing more than what you have said.” If you think about it, we know that we know the names of things and their good and bad properties, but we do not know the reality of anything. Throughout your life, there is not a single thing in your entire knowledge that you know the true nature and essence of.

Acknowledge The State Of Our Lord

Whenever you go to the root of an object, you will see that we do not know much about the true nature of any object (given what is, but very little). Our knowledge is limit. Until we take it, the door of real knowledge does not open on us, nor can the self be purified. The Lord said: Man is unjust and ignorant. So why don’t we acknowledge the state of our Lord that we are ignorant? If not, how will the talisman of ignorance be broke?


We presented the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, then they refused to carry it and they were afraid of it and a man carried it. Indeed, he was a great oppressor and ignorant.

(Surat al-Ahzab 72)

Consciousness Of Novel Khud Se Khuda Tak

In addition to knowledge and intellect, we have something called consciousness. It’s a big eye, a wide-angle view. Do we know in a moment who we are? So, We are aware of our whole life in an instant. We do not need any knowledge or intellect for this. Yeah! We know we are alive. That’s are aware of our body, senses and knowledge and intellect. We don’t need to remember, that’s our consciousness.

One Understand by example … you have often seen a map of the world at the beginning of a diary. If you are looking for a city on this map, you are fail on the map. What you are looking for is knowledge, intellect.

You will have to temporarily leave the destination for a while to see this map complete at a glance. The question has to be leave out. You will realize that if you are not looking for anything then you can see the whole map. Now the whole world is in front of you at a glance. That is consciousness.

Isn’t man capable of taking a look at his whole life and seeing everything? Have you ever done that Why do we prefer the life of the unconscious even though we are conscious? A person who is always busy solving small problems all his life is not ready to see himself completely… Why?

The Lord of all the worlds says

The Lord of all the worlds says that we have created all human beings on one soul (Al-A’raf 189). That is, the same psychic hyper … we all have the same psyche and the same psychological gap. Our circumstances and events are different but the moods and emotions create by them are the same so where (I) was written in the book is (you) and where (you) was written … He (I) too.

It’s the same thing, everyone has the same self-determination…

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