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Mass noun definition Usage & examples

Mass Noun

Mass noun definition Usage & examples

What is a Mass noun?

A mass noun is the name of one noun but it is not visible to count them. ( Why? ) because the mass noun is a group of the same things. We can say that the mass noun is known as ” Uncountable noun or the non-countable noun ” that these things or names when are used in the English language or In English Grammar those can’t usually be counted.

We say that mass nouns are uncountable noun it is generally only used in the singular form and mass nouns are without in the plural forms. Many more abstract nouns are in English Grammar are uncountable nouns but not all abstract nouns are uncountable nouns. The opposite word is understood that is called count nouns.

Take some light on ” Countable Noun

A Countable noun is a kind of noun that is used to refer to the person’s and things which can be counted wordly or numerically, so in other words, we can say that this is a count noun. like this ( ” pencil ” can be counted it is a countable noun, compare than ” idea ” is an uncountable and abstract noun and also known as a mas nouns because ” idea ” is one word but it can’t be counted.

Examples of a Mass noun:

  • Put the petrol into the bike.

Here, ( Noun ” petrol ” is the mas nouns. It is one name but we can’t count. for example: ( put the 3 pertrols into the bike ) this is a wrong sentence.

  • I need water and mango juice.

Here, ( ” water and juice ” are the mass nouns and don’t be confused with the noun ” juice “. It is a mixture of more things after making juice in the liquid shape.

Main Points of Mass Noun

  • A number are qualified rather than an amount.
  • The mass nouns has a singular form and not be plural form.
  • The mass nouns is not taken with articles ” one ” or ” a, an ” before of the modifiers.
  • It can take modifer ” much “.

More Mass Nouns examples:

Category Examples
Food fish, butter, rice, milk, juice, corn, cheese
Gas Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, ash, smoke
Liquid Water, Juice, Coke, petrol, coffee, tea, milk, wine
Materialtable, wood, clothes, gold, silver, metal
natural material heat, cold, rain, snow, sunshine, thunder
Particlecorn, rice, sugar, salt, flour, grit
Conceptidea, information, aptitude, think, feeling

Many nouns may be Countable nouns and Un-countable nouns

As a Common Rule, it cannot be pluralized. however, little may be pluralized when we say about categories of nouns in the examples.


  • Bread is good for his brother cheese.
  • Wine is not good for human beings.
  • Can I give you one cup of tea?

Unuseable Plurals

The nouns are indicating the things that can’t be counted just like ” water, juice, coke, milk, tea ” and it can not easily make a plural form in any sense. Many of them, can be pluralized when senses are transferred such as varieties ” measures ( five tea )”, ( wine ), ( bits of intelligence ). You should not unuseable plurals.  they accomplish in those foolish characters advertising hair stylings and ice creams.

Difference between Mass noun and Count noun

In English Grammar, The basic difference between a mass noun and count nouns is that it is a very huge degree semantical indistinct and dishonest. Commonly, persons learn which nouns are used count nouns and also which areas are without any experience as mass nouns ( why? ) these differences are syntax. when someone is used to speaking count nouns to show the things across the usage of the count nouns, Likewise they use to devote the mass nouns.

Why do I take care of Mass nouns?

I have two main points to clear you about a mass noun.

( 1st Points ) Make Mass Nouns form plura

In 1st point have two methods to clearlyfie the Mass nouns

( 1st Method ): Forego with it Countable Noun + of


  • Four Loaves of burger.

Here, ( ” loaves ” are countable nouns which are count and ” barger ” is a mass noun ).

  • Two parts of silver.

Here, ( ” parts ” are countable nouns that can count and ” silver ” is a mass noun ).

  • He gives the water to three plants.

Here, ( ” water ” is the mass noun and ” plants ” are countable nouns that we can count ).

( 2nd Method ): Making Mass nouns from ” Adjective ” to the countable nouns


  • Four burger loaves.
  • Two silver parts.

( 2nd Point ) Using the correct Quantifier close in Mass Noun

Operate ” amount of ” in the mass noun. The word ” number of ” and ” quantity of ” are use with countable nouns.


  • Amount of banana. ( this is correct )
  • Quantity of grapes. ( this is wrong )

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