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MStatus app download is a great tool to help you market your business online. This app will help you manage your social media accounts, website, and blogging. You can also manage your followers, subscribers, leads, and online marketing with this platform. mStatus app will also help you to monitor your social media and website metrics in one place.

This blog is about the different ways people can use the Mstatus app download and the various features that this app provides. This can be very helpful in managing meetings, keeping track of the guest list, and even helping in the preparation for any event.

The blog also talks about the features that make the mstatus app so popular as well as some of the handy emoticons lulubox that people can use in their statuses.

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Application Description

Share your most memorable moments or quotes, because your mood is great to see your friends, family, and loved ones. The application will help you save the status and view it later due to the status period. Easily save the image, GIF, and video status

How to use the application

1. First look at the situation you want to save.
2. Swipe to see if you can see the status you saw from the Photos and Videos tab of this app.
3. Clicking on the image will open it in full view. Drag to view all images.
4. Pressing and holding the image activates the multiple-choice options. After selecting the image, click the share icon at the top to save it or click the Trash can icon to delete it. A large pop-up in the video shows a pop-up window indicating what needs to be saved or deleted
5. Stored Status is now available for galleries and other multimedia applications

APP Info:

File Name Mstatus APP
Current Version v1.1.0.0
Size 15MBs
Developer Naveen Saawariya
Update On 10 Dec 2021
Category: Social
Rating 4.4stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

What’s News:

Key Features:

  1. Download free videos
    2. Free and unlimited video downloads
    3. Original status videos such as erotic videos, sad videos, inspirational videos, morning videos, and more.
    4. Share status videos directly on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
    5. Offline access for video capture
    6. Select my favorite video ID
    7. My Status lets you download a new status video
    8. Update the 2018 video status collection

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mstatus App Download?


  •  You can earn unlimited money that can be transferred to your PayPal or Bank account.
  • Status is an instant messaging app that lets you update your status message to all your friends!
  • You can post your location, share photos, links, videos, and chat with your friends.
  • It is easy to use, it is a standalone application and it will not slow down your phone.
  • Status has got a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to use.


  •  It is not the safest app
  • You will not get any likes
  • When you post a photo or status, the text from your story will be posted on your wall and on your profile picture.
  • The main disadvantage of this app is that it is not as simple as the other social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Quora are.
  • It doesn’t have a simple design and interface like the other social networking apps we are used to and so it is not as simple to use.

This app is one of the best apps to use in order to gather sensitive information on the target. It is a well-known fact that this app can be downloaded and installed easily. This app can be used by anyone to gather important information on the target’s social media accounts. However, there are some disadvantages of the app too. It is not the best option for spying on your spouse. This app cannot be used in the case of an emergency. The information that is gathered is not always accurate.

Mstatus app download

Mstatus app download

Method To Install Mstatus App Download On My Android Device:

Android devices have the ability to “load side by side” applications See how to do it.

Step 1: Set up your device

Enabling this option lets you install apps outside of the Google Play Store. Depending on your device, you may need to be careful before installing malware. This can be enabled by selecting Check Applications in Security Settings.

On older Android devices, go to Settings, open Applications, select Unknown sources, and click OK in the pop-up notification.

Step 2: Download

The next step is to download the My Status installation file, also known as the APK, which is a way to distribute and install Android applications. Download my ChipApk 100% safe and virus-free apk at no extra cost.

Step 3: Procedure

To get started, download them status earning app using this site’s Android browser. Here you will find the file you have downloaded. Open the m status mod apk download.

You need to connect your Android device to your computer and enable USB mass storage. The next step is to drag the file to the device. Then, using a file manager such as Astro or ES File Explorer, you can find and install the file on your device.

Method To Install Mstatus App Download On Your Computer (Windows PC, Mac, …)

You can run an Android application on your computer using the Android emulator application There are many Android emulators, but in this tutorial, we will use Bluestacks. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

Step 1: Setup

Installing BlueStacks is a very simple process. All you have to do is download the program from the Bluestacks website and run the file.

Once the initial installation process is complete, it does not take more than a few seconds for the program to open. When opened, you will be prompted to sign in to a Google Account, just like any other Android smartphone or tablet.

During the installation process, you may see error messages such as “Hardware acceleration is not available on your system” or “This host supports Intel VT-x, but has been disabled”. Enabling hardware acceleration features helps virtualization applications run faster and faster – applications like Bluestacks run almost the entire operating system on your current system.

Step 2: Install

If you do not install other programs related to the APK file type, BlueStacks will automatically open the APK files. You can drag the APK file to the BlueStacks home screen. Make sure you want to install the app and it will appear on your Bluestacks homepage after installation.


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