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Noncount Nouns definition & examples

noncount noun


Introduction of noncount nouns

Noncount nouns: In English Language or In English Grammar, There are kinds of nouns which we can calculate things. Now we discuss non-count nouns. There are innumerable (or uncountable) nouns such as uncountable blocks of abstract quantities. They have no plural form. Although most nouns in English are countable, uncountable nouns are often found in academic writing.

Noncount Nouns definition & examples

What are Noncount Nouns?

We can say that a noncount noun is an uncountable noun or an uncounted noun. A noncount noun is a noun that can not count any things or objects. Such as ( water, juice, rice, milk ). Noncon nouns are contained a singular form but when they are indefinite articles. we either use ” some ” and nothing at the instead on an article.

Some examples of Non-count Nouns:

A Masswork, equipment, homework, money, transportation, clothing, luggage, jewelry, traffic
A natural substanceair, ice, water, fire, wood, blood, hair, gold, silver
Foodmilk, rice, coffee, bread, sugar, meat, water
An abstract conceptadvice, happiness, health, education, research, knowledge, information, time
A gamesoccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, football, chess, checkers
A diseasediabetes, measles, polio, influenza, malaria, hypothyroidism, arthritis
A subject of studyeconomics, physics, astronomy, biology, history, statistics
A languageArabic, Chinese, Spanish, English
An activity (in the “-ing” form)swimming, dancing, reading, smoking, drinking, studying

Important Note:

NonCount Nouns are not use with the indefinite articles ” a ” and ” an “. It is used with the definite articles when what is being referred to the specifics. they can also use with no article if what is being referred with general ( generic things ) and non-specifics things. I hope you understand well good.

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