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What is a noun project? Rules Representation & examples


Noun project are everywhere in our writing or in our world that has any noun names. But are all the types of nouns come across how do you use them?

What is Noun / Noun project? 

The noun is the name of Person, place, animal, or Things is known as nouns.

The Noun refers to the persons, animals, places, ideas, events, or all those things that are in the world is called Noun. In down these are points.

  • Noun are used with an article ( aan, the), but not always. correct nouns always start with capital letters, common nouns do not. 
  •  Noun can use in different roles in a sentence.


  • My name is Ali.
  • Karachi is beautiful.
  • The water was cold.
  • Sana was playing on the ground.
  • They are singing a song.
  • We are eating a meal in the hotel.
What is a noun? Rules Representation & examples

Other 3 ways to represent the ” Noun project “

1: Ending Nouns

2: Position in Sentence Nouns

3: Function in Sentence Noun

1: Ending Nouns:

All these names are endings with ” Nouns ” which shows that a word is Nouns is called Ending Nouns.


  • ity     → nationality
  • ment → appointment
  • -ness → happiness
  • -ation → relation
  • -hood → childhood


( This is not correct for all the words with endings of all the nouns ).

For Example:

The nouns is “spoonful” ends with -ful but this is an adjective and “careful” also ends with -ful both are adjectives.

2: Position in Sentence Nouns

We recognize a noun by its position in all Sentences.

Nouns come after a determiner ( a determiner is a word like ” a, an, the, this, that, My, Such “.

  • relief
  • the doctor
  • this word
  • my horse
  • such foolish
  • that stupid

Some Nouns have come after one or more adjectives:

  • a great relief
  • a peaceful day
  • the short, the Pakistani worker
  • this difficult machine
  • my red and brown hairs
  • such crass stupids

3: Function in Sentence Noun

Nouns have many functions to express in ( jobs ) in any sentence.

  • The subject of Verb:

    ( Students work hard ).
    ( Drivers drives in speed )
  • The object of Verb:

    ( She likes tea )
    (They love cricket )
  • Subject and Object of Verb:

    ( Teachers teach child)
    ( Cooker cook meal )


The subject or Object of a Sentence is not ever a nouns. it can be a Phrase or Pronoun in a sentence. in the first sentence ” My student works hard “ Here the Nouns is ” Doctor ” but here the ” Subject ” is ” My student ”.

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