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Persuasive speech definition & examples


Persuasive speech definition & examples

What is Persuasive Speech?

It is a type of speech in which the speaker has a good of convincing the audience to accept his or her point of view. The speech is planne in such a way as to confidently make the audience trust all or part of the exposed scene. 

A Persuasive speech is a print to persuade or change the listeners, of the effectiveness of the speaker’s thought. This might include persuading someone to turn their idea or at very least pass into account some features that have not really been reflecte previously. 


( Debate, Panel discussion, Sale, Campaign Election )

1: Factual Persuasive 

2: Value Persuasive 

3: Policy Persuasive 

1: Factual Persuasive 

It depends on whether or not a critical topic is correct, and is back up by concrete evidence.

This type of speech persuades the public as to whether something endures or does not exist, whether it happened or did not happen. It is a provable statement. Subjective ideas do not score as factual statements.

Only Objective statements are suppose factual statements. For example: ( anything can proven science appears as a factual statement. This statement can nevermore be wrong. this is not a factual statement discover it wrong.

2: Value Persuasive 

It is a speech about whether or not something is right or wrong. it is a question of the moral or decent character of an issue.

3: Policy Persuasive 

It is a speech present to convince the public to either assist or refuse a system rule or candidates. 

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