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Picashow is the best app for you. It offers all the latest video streaming content like Movies, Web Broadcasts, Live TV, IPL, TV shows, and more from all platforms in one free subscription app.

This is the age of the new age where we all watch video content like movies and many web series on smartphones. There are now many streaming platforms available in the market.

Picashow app — free download v72 offers you to enjoy all kinds of entertainment in one app. You can watch TV shows, live cricket matches, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies, etc. Watch live TV, dramas, comedy channels, and watch cricket on sports channels.

More Information:

Right now, there are many options you can use when you want to watch movies on your phone. One of the best apps you can use to watch your favorite movies is Picashow. There are so many great things you will enjoy when you start using this app.

PicaShow is the app you need to install if you want to access major movie stores. It is generally recommended that the first thing you look for is an application with a large movie store. You do not need to worry about this with picashow youtube, because it offers.

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APP Review:

Picashow apk is the app for you if you want to watch videos and download them. This is a high-definition video streaming site for movie lovers that offers free premium movies, news, live football, and webcasts, as well as multimedia storage on your Android smartphone.

Use PicaShow Apk and play the video you want to save on your phone. Today, most applications are created for mobile devices only.

For example, PUBG, Subway Surfers, Snapseed, Beauty Plus, and other games thop tv pro, and Android, and iOS are the only platforms where apps are available. Android emulators, on the other hand, allow us to run all of these applications on Windows.

Key Features:

  • This app supports almost all types of devices, from Smart TVs to Firesticks.
  • You do not need WiFi or anything like that, you can easily stream your favorite application with your mobile data.
  • There are many categories to choose from, whether you are a movie buff or have a Pikashow sports app that you have covered.
  • This app updates your library regularly so you can watch the latest movies and shows.
  • You can also watch live TV in this app and there are many choices.
  • The best feature is that you can download and watch any movie on your smartphone at any time.
  • You can also share these movies with anyone you want best android apk download site.
  • Easy to use: all the latest movies are displayed on the home page.

Unique Features Of PicaShow:

  • Free to use.
  • Safe.
  • Different kinds.
  • No root is required.
  • Supports subtitles.
  • Stop function.
  • Large collection of performances.

Mod Features Of Pikashow APP:

Multinational chains:

The application collects channels from all over the world. The application has a wide variety of international live streaming channels in the application. High-quality streaming services are provided for channels that broadcast well live.

Live radio:

The application is preloaded with a live air conditioning system as well as ventilation of TV channels. The application offers radio programs from all over the world without interruption, depending on the strength of the provided Internet signal.


The application is compatible with all Android devices. The devices can be both smartphones and tablets. The application works perfectly without any delays on all types of Android devices. The performance of the application differs on Android devices.


There is a wide variety of channels that are broadcast live on Pikashow TV wifi ar apk. The number of channels consumed in the application is around 600 national and international channels, making it an excellent choice for the user.

Friendly user interface:

It is a smart application that is easy to use by all other competitors. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface that helps users find the necessary channels according to user requirements.

Free use

The application is a free Android application for Android smartphones and tablets. There are no in-app payments for channel streaming.

Quality show:

Pikashow is very specially designed. It has the ability to provide the best possible flow to the user depending on the strength of the user’s internet connection. The application automatically adjusts the video resolution according to the power.

User help:

The application comes with a fast response user support system. If any of the users have problems, it is either a technical or non-technical error. The user can easily contact the user support team and the solution is delivered in the blink of an eye.

Multi-wheel lesson:

The application offers multiple streaming sites, if one of the links is disabled or not responding, the user has full control of the other site to select the feed. The user is never fired.

Age orientation:

The application is designed to be able to control the type of content that should be displayed to the user based on his age. A comic section is available for minors. A large number of teenage users are watching their favorite cartoons.


The application has a good ranking. All content elements are split and divided into sections. The Pikashow categorized section extends to the channel options a user receives when logging in.


The application is fully updated over time. When changing system software or channel frequency. Everything is kept in full control to always provide the best possible results to the user.

Lightweight application:

The size of the APK file is too small. It does not require much memory space on the phone to install. The maximum space required by the application in MB means that the application is not a heavy application.


How To Download APK File?

  • APKs are different from other software files that can be installed directly on your Android device.
  • To install the APK file, you need to install a special installer.
  • After downloading the program, the installer will tell you the size of the program.
  • This program is designed for all users and can display up to 1000MB of program memory.
  • Don’t worry, you’re wrong. You can use the same amount of memory during the installation.
  • I created a mobile site with the same function.
  • You can access mobile websites without an Android / iOS device. It’s cheap.
  • Because it’s free. Many APK sites charge a fee to download the APK file.
  • I don’t think you have to pay for a free APK.
  • Therefore, we made this picashow app simple and easy to use.

Method To Install PicaShow On Android Device:

Android devices have the “download” option. Here is how it happened.

Step 1. Repair the device

On your Android smartphone, go to Settings and select Unknown source. On some devices, a warning may appear before installing the software. If you need help, click the program security button.

Step 2: Download

The next step is to download the Picashow app, which allows you to modify and install Android. 100% safe and virus-free.

Step 3: How to get started:

Start downloading the APK in Google Chrome or your regular Android browser. Then go to Programs and click Download. Here is the copied file.

If you downloaded the APK to your computer, this method is a little different. You need to connect your Android device to your computer and use the USB tablet feature. Then drag the file to your device. You can then preview the file on your device and create a file manager such as Astro or ES File Explorer to learn how to use this APK.

How To Install  PicaShow APP On A Computer?

Step 1. Adjust:

This is a very simple one-click application to install BlueStacks. All you have to do is download the program from BlueStacks and run the file. The installation file is very large and can take a long time.

Once the initial installation is complete, it will take a few seconds to boot. Once unlocked, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Account, such as your Android smartphone or tablet.

During installation, you may receive an incorrect message such as “No hardware”. This device speeds up Runtime Assist programs similar to modern computer operating systems.

Step 2. Install:

If there is no other software with the same APK file type, BlueStacks will only open the APK file. Double-click the file to install BlueStacks and run the program. Install the software and make sure it appears in BlueStacks as soon as you install it.

How To Install PicaShow With NoxPlayer:

  1. After installing NoxPlayer, open it in the search bar on the screen.
  2. Search for “Picashow APP” and click Install in the search results.
  3. You can download the APK installer from this page and then upload it to the NoxPlayer screen.
  4. The installation process will proceed quickly.
  5. After successful installation, you can find the “Pikashow” on the NoxPlayer home screen.

Frequent Questions:

Q: Is the Picashow app free?

A: Pikashow is free software with unlimited options. It is cheaper to choose a free service provider. But here you can download a completely free APK.

Q: Is it legal to use APK files?

A: APK files are included with fully certified software if not used properly. If you have limited space for mobile devices and want to get important applications, APK is the best choice. APKs are a big concern, as some apps are not available in the Google Play Store and the Play Store is limited in some places.

Q: Is it safe for this site to download these and other APK files?

A: Yes, this site is completely secure for downloading other software files.

Q: Can I uninstall the program after installation?

Answer: Yes, you can uninstall the application from your Android smartphone after installing Android. In addition, if you only have one smartphone, you can use it with the normal removal procedure!

Q: Do I have to root my smartphone to use the app?

I understand the answer. You do not need to turn on your smartphone to use this application. The application works officially on your smartphone and offers all the possibilities without root!

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for APK?

Answer: Android iOS is a high-quality and easy-to-use processor on Android 4.1+ devices with 2 GB or more.

Q: How much does this program/game cost?

The voice mail user interface improves the quality of the application by improving the experience, providing amazing features, and inspiring the world.


The best thing is to limit the age to adult content without confirming that no adult content is displayed in the application. Just have a good internet connection and enjoy your streaming.

We hope that all the questions and queries about the application have been answered. It does not make sense to think after reading all the above articles. Pikashow is a lot of fun, easy to use, and saves time. Using it can save a lot of time.

Now create a large circle of people with a high-quality application and do not forget to rate the price based on your own experience. Thank you for being here and keep visiting our site for more APK Android apps and games.
Download the latest version of Pikashow to your device for a different entertainment experience. Watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies without stress.



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