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Pronoun antecedent agreement & examples


Pronoun antecedent agreement & examples

Explanation of Pronoun antecedent agreement

Pronoun antecedent agreement: The Noun is substituted and A pronoun that is used to indicate is known as Antecedents. For understanding, ( Sana clean her room ) In the instance. ” Sana ” is an antecedent and animate noun of this sentence and also ” her ” is the pronoun of the sentence. Numbers, genders, and also persons should agree in pronouns with antecedents. So, when the antecedents are singular and surely pronouns are singular. rather than, the antecedent is in the plural and exactly pronouns are in the plural.

Indefinite the Pronoun as the Antecedent

Indefinite Pronoun is the pronoun that does not indicate the specific things and persons. The pronoun observes should be in singular and in neutral unless genders. Genders are identifying the world persons which is called.


  • Either, each one, each, either one, neither one, neither
  • anybody, anything, everyone, neither one, anyone
  • somebody, something, something, everyone
  • No one, none, nobody, everything

Examples in the sentence:

  • Anyone who has completed their work.
  • Neither play with his toys.

Singular Two Antecedents

More than two antecedents are join by and usually need a plural pronoun.


  • His bike and cycle were vacated in their unusable ground.
  • Kalya, Ali, and Angel help to done their work in very quick.

So, like this, If the antecedents are preceded by each and every and the pronoun would be in Singular form.


  • Every team and businessman must do its engine to produce energy.

Here, ( ” Every ” makes a singular thing and it is a singular pronoun ).

  • Each school and academy send its fund’s request to the congress.

Here, ( ” each ” is a singular pronoun it is use to make things singular ).

Singular Pronouns are require Singular antecedents join by neither, or, and either.


  • Have either Ali or Osama done their work?
  • Neither Arslan nor Ali has finished their slip for the trip.

Antecedents Singular and Plural

If one is plural antecedent and one is Singular antecedents are join by neither…nor, or, either and numbers agree in the pronoun with near antecedents.


  • Either Ali or our fathers resolve to loan us their house.

Here, ( ” their ” is a pronoun that conforms with the ” fathers ” plural antecedents ).

  • Either our friends and Ali will loan us her house.

Here, ( ” her ” is the pronoun that conforms with ” Ali ” singular antecedents and Ali is an animate noun ).

You must write sometimes antecedents in the special order to showing to the desired meanings.


  • Neither the policeman nor the thiefs realised their peril.

Here, ( Antecedent ” thiefs ” plural agree with ” their ” pronoun and ” thief ” is the animate noun ).

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