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The kind and the beggar English Amazing story

The Kind and The beggar

The King and The Beggar

The kind and the beggar English Amazing story

Listen to three things and pay a hundred rupees for each thing

Emerald Sultana:

Once upon a time, a beggar used to shout the same sound wherever he went. “Listen to three terms and pay a hundred rupees for each something.” No one listened to his voice. Went out
He used to walk along the shore and mutter to the people. Coincidentally, the king of the time had also come there for a walk. Said! “I am tired and unlucky.

“Who tried to sell the bargain cheaply but no one listened to me. The beauty king said! “beggar! Now tell me, I accept your condition.” beggar happily got ready. After this, the beggar uttered three words.

(1) awake me at night).

(2) There is goodness in honouring the one who comes. The stubborn head does not get better unless it has a hundred shoes on.

The kind and the beggar english story

In this way, the beggar man took a hundred rupees in exchange for his third and last word and made it work. Let’s see the end of the matter.

Now the king disguised himself and left the palace at night to find out the truth of all three things. He heard the voices of two women. One was giggling and the other was yelling. The king called from outside.

The king said! security guard.

She said, “Go away. I am laughing. My name is Tadbir and the name of the one who is crying is destiny.” The king peeked inside and saw the faces of beautiful women. The papyrus snake in the garden will bite, causing the king to die.

The king departed from there and went straight to his palace. Now he wanted to check the veracity of this. He started distributing alms from the royal treasury and was thinking about the snake. he made a path to and spread cotton on it.
He planted flowering plants on both sides of the road and waited for the snake. I was very happy with the performance.

When he reached the palace, the king was reciting Nafl. “I have made to the king of a piece of the motherland.” The king calmly resumed paying the nawafil.

Lord Gave Permission

“Obey the Lord’s command.” Mercy was created in the angel’s heart. At the angel’s cry, the Lord gave permission. A voice came from the unseen. The king said to the snake, “Tell me if there is any service worthy of me.”

The serpent replied: “Service is to be done before the purpose is fulfilled.” The king was rewarded for waking up at night and appreciating the one who came. He was sitting on the seventh floor with his queen. The city was visible below.
This was the time when animals also spoke like human beings. A weeping sheep said to the “umbrella”. If you bring grass at that time, I will agree. Constantly flying on the demand of grass.

The umbrella at first begged him to forget the grass which he could not get in spite of his efforts. The crowd, exhausted by the pain, bowed their heads and gave up. The king laughed when he saw this scene. The queen asked why he was laughing. The king replied only that much. “Better room,” said the king. “Don’t let anything go.”

I don’t play cards. ”Seeing the stubbornness of the queen, the king became angry. He threw the shoe on the head of the queen a hundred times in a state of rage. After this incident, the queen will not ask anyone about her condition today (meaning she will never ask the meaning of incomplete things).

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