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Uncountable noun definition Usage Kinds & Examples

Uncountable noun, Usage, Kinds & Examples


Uncountable noun, Usage, Kinds & Examples
uncountable nouns

What is Un countable noun?

An uncountable noun is that which we can’t Count. They mainly denote Substance and Abstract things that are called uncountable nouns. uncountable nouns are substances, opinions that we cannot split into different elements. We cannot ” count ” the nouns. For example, we cannot calculate ” water “. We can count ” sugar ” or “litres of petrol “, but we cannot count ” petrol ” to itself. uncountable nouns are called ” mass nouns “.


Uncountable Noun is that anything that cannot be counted is an uncountable noun. Also, the uncountable nouns do not have special something, they are always singular and singular verbs must forever be used in the conjunction with the nouns.


  • Please add more sugar to my tea.
  • I like milk daily.
  • Drink juice!
  • I did not have much sugar left.
  • Please take good care of your equipment.
  • How many rupees do you want?
  • Can you give me more information about her?
  • There has been a group of research about the ground.

Uncountable nouns can be matched with words representing plural ideas.


  • There are nine things of garbage on the curb.
  • Try to drink six glasses of limewater every day.
  • Please buy a loaf of food.

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Kinds of Uncountable Nouns

1: Solid Nouns:

( bricks, wall, sand, Stone, diamond etc ).

2: Gas Noun:

( Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ozone, Hydrogen etc ).

3: Liquid Noun:

( Water, Milk, Juice, Bottle, Tea etc ).

4: Feelings:

( Love, Sadness, affections, Courage, Think etc ).

5: Natural Aspects:

( Clouds, Rain, Sunrise, Night, Day etc ).

6: Ideas:

( Knowledge, Information, Opinions, Motivation etc ).

Usage of uncountable noun

( 1st Usage ):

We usually use uncountable nouns as a singular form. We use the singular forms of verbs.


1: This update News runs on the channel.

Here, ( In this sentence, Verb ” runs ” is the singular form of verb but it is changed according to the tense and this sentence is Present indefinite tense ).

2: Your mouth looks big.

Here, ( In this sentence, Verb ” looks ” is the singular form of verb but it is changed according to the tense and this sentence is Present indefinite tense ).

( 2nd Usage ):

We will not use the indefinite article ( a or an ) with uncountable nouns.


1: A piece of paper

2: A glass of juice

3: A grain of corn

4: A cup of tea

( 3rd Usage ):

We can utilise ( some and any ) with uncountable nouns but uncountable noun looks like singular form but it is a group of things.


1: I have got some sugar.

2: Have you got any chance from her?

3: Do you have some water to drink?

4: Are you have anything to write.

( 4rth Usage ):

We will use much and a little with uncountable nouns.


1: I have to take a little water to drink in the morning.

2: I have not taken much sugar for tea.

It is not a particular objective, and it isn’t simple to count in numbers so that some words are used to make it relatively countable. Uncountable nouns are non in the plural form because of this, the article “a or an” is not used with uncountable nouns. It also involves some feelings, thoughts, or abstract nouns, which is limitless.

Uncountable Nouns List:

Uncountable Nouns Uncountable Nouns Uncountable Nouns Uncountable Nouns
Advise Anger Failure Hair
Air Coffee Faith Happiness
Arrogant Cool Fame Help
Butter Cotton Fire Humour
Cake Courage Fuel Ice
Chaos Danger Gold Importance
Childhood Energy Grass Inflation
Innocence Jam Juice Lack
Iron Joy Justice Land
Laughter Magic Measles Meat
Lava Luck Mail Nature
Light Love Map Milk
Motivation Peace Perfume Rice
Mud Pasta Relaxing Salt
Music Oxygen Rain Sand
News Opinion Progress Satisfaction
Nitrogen Oil Pride Trust
Cloud Enthusiasm Hair Information

There are two methods to make Uncountable noun in plural forms

Method 01: Use the ” of ” with ( countable noun ) ( countable + of ).


1: Eight pieces of the loaf.

Here, ( ” pieces ” is a countable noun but ” loaf ” is an uncountable noun )

2: Nine blocks of cheese.

Here, ( ” blocks ” is a countable noun but ” cheese ” is an uncountable noun ).

More Examples are down in structure:

Method 02: Make an uncountable noun into an adjective from countable nouns


1: Eight loaf pieces.

2: Nine cheese blocks.

Partial structure with uncountable noun

Calculate or quantity of an uncountable noun we use a unit of measure- a measurement of a word. For example, we cannot usually say “ jug of water ” because “ water ” is an uncountable noun. So, if we want to determine the amount of water we use a measurement of words such as “ bread ” or “ piece ” in a structure like “ two pieces of bread” or “ three cuts of bread ”. This is called the structure a partitive structure.

Quantity Measure word of Un countable Noun
one jug of water
three cup of tea
many games of computer
a drop of rain

We can operate the identical uncountable noun in additional partitive phrases with additional meanings. For example, a glass of water and a piece of the loaf are partitive expressions with other meanings. A glass of water is what we say a whole unit of water that we have everywhere around us. A piece of the loaf is what we say a smaller piece of bread after it has been clipped from a loaf. 

  • Partitive refers to only a “part” of a whole. The use of the particle structure scale is common with uncountable nouns, but can also be used with countable nouns, eg: chain of accidents, two pairs of boxes, can cause worms.

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