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what is a collective noun? definition Aim & examples


what is a collective noun? definition Aim & examples

What is Collective Noun?

A Collective noun is the name of a collection or group of things is called Collective Nouns. A collective noun is a noun that refers to a group of commodities. It is use to refer to all the different objects at the same time. The noun is usually singular. Collective nouns tend to be short and maybe create up several words.


A Collective Noun is a word that a collection of things, people, animals,s or places are called Collective Nouns.


A Collective noun is a word that leads to a group. It can be either singular or plural, but is regularly use in the singular is called Collective Nouns.

Collective nouns describe a group of people or objects, but how do you know how to use them in the right context? In our post, we break down collective nouns into categories and list the correct way to use them.


( Class, Assembly, Army,  Crowd, set, Team, Jungle, Nation, family )

Examples: In Sentences:

  • Football team starting the game
  • It is a set of letters.     
  • My brother is in the Army.
  • Our team is relishing an uninterrupted winning streak.
  • There’s a crowd of hyenas outdoor.
  • View out for that cloud of parties.
  • You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a flock of wild horses.
  • Our class bachelors two years from now.

Purpose of the Collective Noun

The purpose of collective nouns is to refer to a group of people or things. There is collective nouns for every combination of people or things. However, there are some collective nouns that can be use to refer to different types of groups. We will look at the different types of collective nouns.

What is the difference between Plural Nouns and Collective Nouns?

Where do we use Collective Nouns?

For Enjoy and for your Interest in collective Nouns: This is for you. You should read.

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